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Contact lenses can provide clear, unobstructed vision all day without the need for glasses.

For many people, contact lenses are the perfect alternative to spectacles. They offer all-round vision without adjustment and provide a hygienic, low cost and comfortable way of correcting your vision.


Everyone has different requirements when it comes to contact lenses though. Your eye shape, prescription and tear production can affect the type of lenses that you use.

Contact Lens Consultation


Depending on your vision requirements, you will have a wide choice of contact lenses to correct your eyesight. Our optometrists are specialists in contact lenses and will discuss your individual requirements with you as well as explaining how the lenses work.

Contact lens technology has advanced massively over the past ten years offering a wider field of vision and reduced glare. It has also helped to make participation in sports much more enjoyable for people that require vision correction.

Applying Contact Lens

Your eyes will need to be measured before you use contact lenses. The wrong size lenses could cause discomfort and can sometimes lead to infection. Our team will make sure that your contact lenses feel comfortable and give you helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of them.

We stock and supply all types of prescription lenses including toric, disposable, monthly, daily, bespoke and gas permeable lenses. You’ll leave our practice with all the important information you need to ensure your contact lenses are kept clean and used properly.


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