High fashion branded eyewear designed to suit your unique style


At Memory Opticians, we understand the importance of not only feeling good but looking great too. Your ideal eyewear not only helps to correct your vision, but it can also say a lot about your personality and unique fashion style.

High fashion designers are constantly looking at ways to make their eyewear more attractive, quirky and unique; however, not all modern eyewear ranges suit everyone.

Memory OpticiansOur knowledgeable practice teams are trained in frame styling and fashion to help you find your ideal eyewear. They will take time to understand what is important to you and help you to find solutions that meet your lifestyle requirements.

Your complexion, face shape and even your hair colour can have a bearing on the type of eyewear that best suits you.

People with darker complexions should consider bold and bright coloured frames like red and green. People with a fairer complexion should look at pastel colours and gold shades for their frames.

We stock a wide range of high fashion designer frames for you to choose from with the assistance of our fashion trained practice team. Our unique frames include Lindberg, RayBan and Chanel.

It is important that you give our team as much information about your eyewear requirements as possible. This will help them to source the eyewear that best suits you and also give you all the information you need to ensure the longevity of your new eyewear.

Your eyewear will always be protected against damage. We give all of our patients a lifetime guarantee of service. We’ll adjust and repair any eyewear that you purchase from us free of charge within 48 hours.